Central Ohio Day of .Net – 2009

I attended the Central Ohio Day of .NET (CODON) a few weeks ago and had a great time.

I attended Josh Holmes keynote first thing.  Josh focused on simplicity and how we should keep that in mind when building solutions.  I liked the content and I thought Josh did a good job of delivering it. Josh Holmes presenting the keynote

Jeff Blankenburg presentingI then attended Jeff Blankenburg’s CSS talk.   Jeff did a really good intro to CSS by showing several of the most common layout samples that you see on the net.


Leon Gersing giving his JavaScript is Awesome talkAfter Jeff’s, I saw Leon Gersing’s “JavaScript is Awesome” talk.  Leon is not only very entertaining (at least I think so), he’s also off the charts knowledgeable about whatever I’ve seen him discussing.  This was the third time I’ve seen Leon present and he’s always given me something to think about.  This time it was the RIA (rich internet application) and what it should be built with.  JavaScript, Flash, or Silverlight.   When I was first looking into back in 2002, I was leaning toward Flash, given the richness of the platform.  However, JavaScript has come a long way with all of the libraries available now.  I’m torn about Silverlight – I like the idea of taking advantage of my .Net experience, but I’m not sold on it.

After lunch, I went to David Giard’s talk on Microsoft’s new Distributed Cache technology.  David is a fellow Sogetian and he was fearless in his demos.  He actually uninstalled the bits he needed at one point, and he said that he had never done that before.  It worked, but I would never have been able to do that if I was presenting!

The technology that David was presenting was pretty cool.  I’m looking forward to putting it to work in place of traditional ASP.NET Session.Chris Poteet

I then attended Rick Kierner’s SharePoint talk.  I’ve been doing SharePoint development/administration for a while now, so I went looking for the arguments as to why a developer should want to use SharePoint.  Unfortunately for me, Rick’s talk was aimed at getting devs who had never used SharePoint, better acquainted with VSeWSS (Visual Studio Extensions for Windows SharePoint Services).  However, this seemed the appropriate level for the audience that was there.

For the final breakout session, I went to Josh Holmes and Chris Poteet’s talk on Designing for the User.  Sessions like this one are great to attend.  They made some really good points about UI design and user experience that I think a lot of us forget.  Josh told this great anecdote about bank tellers and the point was devs may believe that a new solution is going to be great, but if we interrupt the end users’ workflow in a negative way, we may actually be doing more harm than good.  (The bank tellers in his story went from being able to process a deposit in seconds to taking over a minute per one – which meant longer lines at the bank and frustrated customers and tellers!)  Chris also told a good story about an upscale hotel in Dubai and how his experience was radically different than one might expect.


I was glad to see several people from Sogeti were there.  I think there was probably about a dozen of us from Columbus and Cincinnati, plus I think there might have been a few from Detroit.

Anyway, CODODN was a great day and it’s amazing that this whole thing is put together by volunteers!

(The photos on this page are courtesy of David Giard.  He put a whole album of photos up here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29942169@N08/sets/72157617123586782/)

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